Back From The Light is a documentary film that explores the difficult phenomenon of aftereffects that occur to individuals who have had a Near Death Experience. These aftereffects have a life long impact on not only the experiencer, but for loved ones, family and friends.

No matter an individual’s beliefs, it has been proven that lives are often in upheaval with family and friends trying to understand the profound changes that have occurred to their loved ones.
Changes in personality, emotions, relationships, priorities, faith, career, and more have been documented.  Experiencers often cope with deep depression, afraid to talk about their NDE, fearful of ostracism and ridicule. They suffer extreme feelings of loss; longing for the incredible joy and love felt while “gone.”

Back From The Light interviews dozens of people, including New York Times #1 Bestselling author Dr. Mary Neal, author Dave Bennett, and author/researcher PMH Atwater, LHD, who have had a direct personal experience, or as family members and friends of an Experiencer. Also included
are candid insights from medical and mental health care professionals who have dealt with Near Death Experiences and research as part of their regular practice.

The goal of Back From The Light is to help and educate those who may need to know more about surviving and coping after a Near Death Experience, to let them know that they are not alone, and to provide personal insights into this phenomenon that is slowly gaining worldwide recognition.